The Pain of Racism


Welcome to my first Blog entitled, The Pain of Racism, in which this entry is based on the theme from my novel, FAMILY SECRETS: A JOURNEY OF GOOD AND EVIL. This book depicts the profound pain and family rejection that the author experienced as a result of the possible racial connection of her English mother. To learn more about the author with excerpts from this book, please visit her website,

Presented in future blogs will be a series of excerpts from a presentation entitled, THE PAIN OF RACISM, which will disclose to the reader the following topics;

*A discussion of the life of Harriet Tubman, a former slave,
who headed up the Underground Railroad.

*A discussion of the life of Fredrick Douglas whose father was
the plantation owner where Fredrick was enslaved and spent his
childhood. He did escape and went on to become a famous
abolitionist and author of an autobiography.

*Contemporary stories of racism will be presented such as the
theme of love and racism depicted in the book and movie
production, SOUTH PACIFIC.

*A description of racism and the Holocaust and a story of a family who
suffered at the hands of Nazi brutality will be revealed.

* Political racism issues such as Obama’s racial origins and how he has
suffered humiliation and discrimination amongst his colleagues will
be discussed.

*A personal description of the pain of racism by this blogger as
will be revealed.

All readers of these blogs will be so encouraged to offer their personal opinions
and, perhaps, provide graphic examples of their own experiences on the topic of the
pain of racism.

“Whats your feeling” is, indeed, the goal and address of this Blog site. Please do
let all who listen hear your voice.

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