A Presentation on The Pain of Racism


As noted in my first blog, I did present a description of the topics of all of my future blogs based on the presentation that I have been invited to provide to a number of organizations. On the promotional flyer that was published to invite the community to attend the lecture, THE PAIN OF RACISM,the photo at the top of this blog depicts a personal note scribbled on one of the programs. It does appear to be written by someone who supports the concept of racism and upon reviewing the tape of this Broadway production called, AVENUE Q and listening to the lyrics of the song, EVERYONE IS A LITTLE BIT RACIST, I was shocked and appalled by the ignorance of those who support this philosophy of pure racism.

This threatening note, which was sent to my home address, did not deter me from attending and participating in my presentation. I did inform the audience of this note that was sent to me and the response from this supportive group was encouraging. Indeed,no one is a “little racist” since “you have to be taught to hate and fear. You have to be taught from year to year.” This is a lyric from the production of SOUTH PACIFIC and it does validate the concept of a racist who has been taught to hate and discriminate as conditioned by parents, family and peers.

I do welcome your reaction and response to this blog.

I will be presenting the story of Harriet Tubman in my next blog, a less controversial topic and most interesting.

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