The Pain of Racism : Fredrick Douglas


As noted in my last blog, my next posting would be another segment from my public presentation entitled, The Pain of Racism, a brief description of the life of Fredrick Douglas.
The Media has reported much on Fredrick Douglas and there is even a monument honoring this former slave in front of the court house in the town of Easton, Maryland. Ironically, Fredrick did know Harriet Tubman, the woman that I described in my last blog. Fredrick Douglas wrote glowing articles about Harriet Tubman and her work with the Underground Railroad. It was reported that Fredrick did assist her in escorting eleven slaves who sought shelter in his home.

Fredrick Douglas was born a slave and his father was Caucasian and his own slave owner, Captain Anthony, was brutal to his son. Fredrick was transferred from one plantation to another and finally to Baltimore, Maryland. He was taught to read by the wife of a plantation owner and, ultimately, taught himself to write. As an adult, he did escape to New York and was known as a famous abolitionist who did write an autobiography,NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF FREDRICK DOUGLAS. His book contradicted some of the narratives of the slave owners who depicted themselves as kind and benevolent. Douglas revealed all of the fear, whippings and murders of these helpless souls.Douglas and all of these victims of brutality suffered because of their pigmentation and the hatefulness of their owners.It was noted that Fredrick’s first wife was black but his second wife was Caucasian. He received a lot of criticism for this decision and he stated, “I honor my mother with my first wife and my father with my second wife. Racism did, indeed, effect his life. In spite of all of the obstacles in his journey of life, Fredrick Douglas was a well renown and successful human being.

My next blog will continue with segments of the presentation, The Pain of Racism, and move into contemporary racism and the theatrical production of SOUTH PACIFIC.

I do encourage my readers to express what you are feeling as entitled in this blog site, “whatareyoufeeling”.

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