The Pain of Racism and Antisemitism of the Holocaust


The term racism and anti-Semitism are completely similar in that they both pertain to the irrational hatred of others due to their physical and religious appearance and affiliation. As we all know, the Jews were hated and many destroyed because of their appearance and religious affiliation. The Nazis determined that those of aryan features and heritage were acceptable in Hitler’s world and those who did not meet that description were doomed to die. This hatred of non-aryan people was so similar to the hatred that was and still is exhibited by the racists in our own country.

The photos above are actual pictures of non-aryan or Jewish children who were tortured and killed because of their religious affiliation and physical features. Such hideous hatred and violent behavior of their Nazi monsters were influenced by the upbringing and conditioning of these people who hated those that were different as exhibited in the lyrics of the tune from the production of SOUTH PACIFIC, “You have to be carefully taught to hate and fear, You’ve got to be taught from year to year”.

I will now present an excerpt from my book, FAMILY SECRETS: A JOURNEY OF GOOD AND EVIL, which describes an incident involving a young Jewish child as reported by Brandy, the protagonist in this novel.

“Coincidently, in my readings, I read a novel, THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR, written by Daniel Silva that described a horrific event in the life of a child of Jewish descent, Lena Herzfeld, who was hiding and living in a attic along with her family away from the Nazi stormtroopers. Unfortunately,Lena made a fatal decision which led to the discovery of her family hiding in this attic. The family were captured and sentenced to die because of their heritage. A devious Nazi officer, SS HAUPSTURMFUHRER KURT VOSS, forced her father to make a decision as to which of his two daughters would be permitted to live and not to be sent to the gas chambers. The father could not make this horrific decision. Therefore, the Nazi officer decided that because one of the two children was blue eyed and blonde haired, resembling Aryan children as opposed to her sister who had brown hair and brown eyes, the fair haired child was spared death and the gas chamber. This child grew up with this haunting memory of discrimination and racism and the loss of her sister because of her coloring.

When Himmler, a Nazi officer, motivated his soldiers to carry out his murderous orders by dehumanizing the Jews, he claimed that the Jews were similar to common fleas and mice. Such venom needed to be fumigated and removed from this world. They were disgusting lower forms of life who deserved to be exterminated.

Aryans were defined as people with four grandparents, all belonging to the Aryan race. Pollution of the gene pool was forbidden, and those who only had two Jewish grandparents were defined as Mischlinges, meaning a person of mixed heritage. Mischlinges were not allowed to have sexual relationships with either Jews or Aryans and were doomed to have no children and die. Today, the Holocaust is used as the primary warning and example of the advancement of racism. From Hitler and the Nazis to the Southern American slave owners, prejudice of one race against another has resulted in atrocities. To counteract the disease of racial prejudice, modern societies have drafted and enacted legislation to ensure that people treat one another with respect and dignity. While such actions can be legislated , individual’s beliefs continue to be carefully taught by families and peers and may not be easily changed. Society continues to suffer from the disease of racism and prejudice.

The most profound answer to the eradication of this disease is found in the Bible.

Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God
with all your heart and with all your
soul and with all your mind.” This is the
first and greatest scripture. The second
is “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Luke 10:26-27

It is hoped that prayer and the love of God will cure this disease and prevent it from spreading like the cancer demon. I have been afflicted with the cancer demon that is taking my life, and I have also experienced the demon of prejudice throughout my time on this earth. This research article was created to reveal to the world that throughout the centuries, millions of innocent souls have suffered and died because of ignorance and hatred. As a cockeyed optimist, a label from the production, SOUTH PACIFIC, I hope and pray that the world will be a different place, not filled with evil but filled with good and love for our neighbors as we love ourselves.”

It is hoped that you did enjoy reading this long, book excerpt and take the time to voice,”whatsyourfeeling” in this blog post.

In my next posting, I will provide a definition of the term racism which I have been using so frequently in all of my posts.

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