The Painful and Ugly Words of Bullyism ( resubmitted due to image editing)

photo of bully poster

As the above poster depicts, words can be painful and destructive weapons inflicted on a victim who will bleed emotionally. The media has provided much information on bullyism within our schools and playgrounds and how our children are wounded and permanently scared by such a painful experience. Indeed, adults are also victims in this world of evil, dysfunctional people who demean and humiliate us and damage our self image.

Adult bullying frequently does occur in the work setting in the form of sexual harassment and sexist behaviors towards female workers. Such bullying provokes a sense of helplessness and the embarrassment of seeking support from superiors for fear of job loss or denial of promotions. Persistent and unending bullying and abuse is a causal factor of depression and medical problems associated with stress. Adult bullyism also occurs within the home and in relationships within the family. As noted in the graphic on this post, the woman featured exhibits much fear and the need to protect herself physically and emotionally.Is that you?

I am sure that there are many readers who have experienced adult bullyism and need to voice their fears and sense of degradation by a bully who is suppose to love and respect them. Yes, men can also be victims of bullyism and should not feel shame in revealing such a dysfunctional behavior pattern in our world inflicted upon you by wounded bullies who displace their pain upon others. Let me hear your voice and what you are feeling, the theme of this blog.

In future postings, I will continue to discuss adult bullyism and childhood bullies will be presented at a later date. Research on these topics and strategies in resolving bullyism will be provided one blog at a time, one soul at a time.

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