Heal Thy Self: A Psychologist’s Search for Motivation


Yes! Clinicians and psychologists experience just the same problems that our patients have and we also struggle to resolve these issues such as motivation and attempts to follow mottos such as “Never Give Up” as noted in past postings.

At this time in my life I am, indeed, searching for the energy and motivation to reach my own goals after a battle with a disabling illness which has zapped my strength. Besides health issues, one can also lose motivation due to depression and other life challenges. As the saying goes, “Clinician heal thy self “. I have desperately researched the internet for answers to this problem for myself, my patients and my readers and have found the following seven prescriptions on the search for motivation.

1. Focus on One Goal: Selecting a multitude of goals is a common mistake made and this action does diminish one’s energy and focus.
Channeling your energy on one goal will produce a more positive outcome.

2. Generate Inspiration and Excitement: Learn about others who have found success in reaching your goal by utilizing the internet to
locate those individuals and read about their stories . Inspiration from others will inspire
you and help to visualize your future success. Knowledge is power and will provide the energy
that you may need to propel you out of a slump.

3. Create Anticipation and Posting Goal: Set a date to achieve this goal and begin outlining a plan of action. Post these reminders
in noticeable sites which will keep your energy and excitement going.

4. Publicity and Support: No one wishes to be ridiculed or held in disfavor if we announce our goals publicly. If we spotlight our
plans to reach our goal to others, we will be more inclined to find our motivation to succeed. It is,
indeed, difficult to achieve our goal without the support of others. Therefore, finding a social network
to encourage and guide us to the finish line is so important in our success.

5. Ebbs and “Never Give Up”: Motivation is not a constant flow of energy but does wane and upsurge like the tide. Achieving a goal
is comparable to a long journey and we do find bumps along the path of success and we must keep on
pushing along. Never give up!

6. SOS and Focus on the Benefits : Do call out for help if you find that you can’t continue. Rely on the support of family, friends
and experts to appeal for support in order to continue on your journey to success. When we focus
on the difficulty of a goal it will diminish the thrill that you will experience when you achieve
success. The benefits of this strategy will energize you considerably.

7.Negative Self Talk: In order to continue on this journey to reaching your goal, it is relevant to monitor your thoughts.
Recognize negative self-talk which considerably zaps your energy level. Replace the statement, “This
is too hard!” and replace it with “I can do this!”.

It is hoped that we all will reach our goals with these suggestions and I will continue to reach my goal of writing and perhaps achieve my specific goal to continuing with posting next time with additional suggestions in finding the motivation to succeed. Please do let us hear your voice and what you are feeling about this topic.

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