I have written a number of blog posts and one of them was on the topic of motivation and never giving up on your dreams. As the term implies, “Physician heal thy self”, I am clinical psychologist who is currently struggling with issues centering on failure, motivation and how to follow my life long motto of “Never Give Up”.

I will now disclose my intimate confession of personal failures with the hope of not soliciting pity but encouraging my readers to find their own solutions and strategies in never giving up.

Failure number one, independently marketing and publicizing my first novel, FAMILY SECRETS: A JOURNEY OF GOOD AND EVIL. My website,, will describe this fictional autobiography which I did pour my heart into and, in spite of the challenges of struggling with cancer survival, I did invest much energy into publicizing and marketing this book but with little success.

My motto, never give up, has now been applied to my next book, a children’s series with the first book entitled, NICKI NICES BULLY. I did submit a number of blog posts on this subject and the story is based on my granddaughter, Nicole’s, experiences as a victim of bullies. The website for this book is I do intend to focus much energy in the publicity and  marketing of this book as well. Never Give Up!

My next experience with failure has been this very blog site which has not reached more than five readers who did not add any comments to over twenty-four posts that have been published. It has been some time since I dared to venture back to WordPress and create another blog post if so few readers wish to hear my voice. Never Give Up! Yes, I am honored to share my views and experiences with those readers who care to visit my Blog. Thank you, Thank you and never give up on me because I do promise to find enticing and informative topics to share with you.

Perhaps you can relate to feelings of failure and the desperation of finding a way to “pick yourself up and start all over again!” Motivation takes energy and, most of all, trust in yourself that what you have attempted to accomplish will, indeed, happen, some time soon. It just takes time, repetition and belief in yourself that you do have the ability to achieve success in whatever it is that you dream of and aspire to accomplish. NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

Parents: Our First Responders

isis children.jpg 640×371 pixelsAs a therapist, psychologist and cancer survivor, I am profoundly shocked and effected by the rage and destructive behavior of some of our young people who inflict violence upon innocent victims!

Such dysfunctional actions caused by both genetics and environmental factors precipitate violent actions in our world. Some of these horrific perpetrators are motivated to kill, injure and traumatize their victims by their  by their abusive and painful social histories, their past. Most of these enraged young people have been physically and emotionally victimized themselves by caregivers and by entrusted individuals in their past lives. Their extreme rage is displaced upon others who, in their distorted minds, are representatives of their painful memories and suffering.

These mentally ill and destroyed minds are numerous and found throughout the world, not just in our country. In the media each day, we are presented with irrate young people beheading, bombing and torturing  innocent victims including  beautiful  and innocent young children . Some of the political leaders in the Middle East are themselves afflicted with mental illness rooted in their early years of childhood abuse and the absence of love with role models of violence. All of these lost souls or thugs in gangs entitled , ISIS , CALIBAN , HAMAS and AL QUEDA are led by manical devils who are filled with rage and retaliation for their lives of poverty and the absence of love and nurturance .  Such rage is directed at innocent victims such as Americans as reflected by 9/11. Within our own country and regions, we continue to witness this tragedy and rage as demonstrated by college massacres, the Baltimore  crisis in April which resulted in fires, police and firemen assaults and destruction of businesses and the lives of innocent people by disturbed young adults and teens.

Our country, our world, as in my analysis, exhibits this cancer of violence precipitating the suffering and death of innocent people including the perpetrators.  All of the proposed interventions such as gun control will not end the growth of this cancer that surrounds us. The only prescription in the termination of this disease of violence is to treat the dysfunction  that is plaguing our world. Our government needs to become proactive and increase our Mental Health programs and initiate early intervention in childhood and identify and treat these potential terrorists who begin to displace their misguided rage and anger in nursery school before they move on to the college campus. Parents are, indeed, the first and only FIRST RESPONDERS who need to honestly observe, accept and acknowledge  the behaviors of their precious angels and report such unusual and inappropriate behaviors to trained clinicians. These fallen angels need immediate treatment before they develop into candidates for the welcoming arms of the ISIS gang or their local gang of violent”family” members of other disturbed peers.

Parents need to closely monitor their children with an acute awareness of their child’s behavior patterns, media influences and questionable role models. Knowledge is power and the power to love, guide and, yes, intrude upon their children’s privacy and protect them from the cancer of violence and a devastating future.

Yes, a comprehensive mental health program that reaches out to all citizens at every economical level would be costly but saving lives is more relevant than counting pennies. Just ask any family member of the victims of the violence that we are witnessing on the social media each day. My only hope is that the opinion and suggestions of just one individual will influence our politicians to  act quickly in the increase of Mental Health funding to reach all needy individuals afflicted by this cancer of violence and prevent any further destructive incidents. This travesty could touch upon your life and your family at any moment, in any location. Knowledge is power!! Please do contact your legislative representatives NOW!